Maokong Gondola

The first gondola system in Taipei City is the Maokong Gondola measuring up to 4.03
kilometres in length. A one-way travel on the gondola takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The rides
include four stops, known as the Taipei Zoo Station, Taipei Zoo South Station, Zhinan Temple
Station, and the Maokong Station.

It is most preferable to take the gondola in the midst or after the rain, during sunset, and at night
when the city lights sparkle. As the gondola passes over the wave-like terrain, get a glimpse of
the moving Metro trains, enjoy the view of the park along the Jingmei River, and the “giraffe”
incinerator. On the second stop, the gondola takes a big turn giving you a panoramic view of the
landscape, including the moving vehicles along the freeway. Once you have reached the Zhinan
Temple Station, you will enter a steep, V-shaped ravine; the peak of the gondola ride, giving you
that unforgettable experience.

Maoking is where the final stop is where countless tea plantations and shops are located. Many
visitors intentionally make the trip for tea and to have a chat. Don’t forget to drop by at the tea
shop and order their famous “Muzha Tieguanyin” or “Wenshan Pouchong tea” making your trip
worthwhile, whilst you enjoy their delectable specialty tea and meal combo with a stunning view
of the Taipei Basin.