Yehliu Geopark

One of the premier destinations in northern Taiwan, Yehliu Geopark is home to a number of unique
geological formations including the iconic “Queen’s Head” (女王頭), and is located along a cape
stretching out from the town of Wanli.

Part of the Daliao Miaocene Formation, the cape stretches around 1,700 meters, formed as thousands
of years of geological movement forced the Datun Mountains to change their shape, jutting out into the
Besides the Queen’s Head, other remarkable formations include Sea Candles (燭台石), Fairy Shoe (仙女
鞋), Ginger Rocks, Elephant Rock, Ice Cream Rock, Kissing Rock, and Princess’ Head.

Next to the geopark is the Yehliu Ocean World (野柳海洋世界), which is an oceanarium with ocean
exhibits, and sea life including dolphin and sea lion performances. Tickets for the oceanarium can be
reserved online, and is a fun addition to the more educational experience at the geopark.