Golden Waterfal

Golden Waterfall is located near the Gold Ecological Park (黃金博物園區) in Jinguashi. Although real
gold flowing from these falls would be too good to be true, the water is certainly a beautiful gold color
as a result of the combination of regular rainfall in this mining area and the abundance of heavy metal
elements deposited in the riverbed. The cascade of gold flowing down the hillside contrasts to the
luminous green grass at its head. Indeed, the natural beauty of this place makes it a favorite for
photography among newly-weds. But it’s not just star-struck lovers who will fall for this place, we
guarantee impressive photographs to everyone who makes a visit.

Add to the color of your day with a visit to Yin Yang Sea (陰陽海) in the nearby Changren community (長
仁社區). The name of this site refers to the two opposing principles of light and dark in Chinese
philosophy, and refers to the striking contrast in the colors of the cove.

The water may be beautiful but its toxicity makes it unsafe even for touching.

Our guides are knowledgeable about the rich history of gold mining in the Jiufen region. Join us on our
Jiufen – Sky Lantern tour or create your own day or multi-day trip using our customized tour option.

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