Leofoo Village Theme Park

with a Disneyland in Tokyo and Hong Kong and, recently opened, one in Shanghai, Taiwan is often
overlooked as a theme-park destination. But the country boasts no less than 20, and Leofoo Village
Theme Park is arguably the jewel in the crown. Even if you haven’t visited a theme park since you were a
kid, read on and we’ll have you convinced to add this wonderland to your Taiwan itinerary. Forget about
sightseeing for a day – enter this park and set your inner child free!

The theme park was created as the Leofoo Wildlife Park in 1979. Ten years later the park was expanded
to include a multitude of entertainment facilities and reestablished as Leofoo Village Theme Park. It
hasn’t stopped growing since, thus ensuring its continued standing as one of the most popular theme
parks in Taiwan. Ask just about any young adult in the northern half of the country and he/she will recall
fond memories of school field trips to Leofoo Village.
So what makes it one of the best? For starters, it is Taiwan’s largest theme park – covering more than
100 hectares – and also the most accessible choice from the capital, Taipei.
Secondly, Leofoo Village is the most diverse of all theme parks in Taiwan, combining a multi-themed
amusement park with 60+ rides and facilities, a waterpark, a safari area, and a safari-themed hotel.

When you arrive, don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer number of tour buses in the parking lot and the
groups of overly excited children running toward the entrance gate. The park is so large that the crowds
are well distributed.

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